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Influence of Fuel Consumption and Instantaneous Exhaust Pollutants on Euro 4 Gasoline Vehicles at Traffic Signalized Intersections: Idling and Start/Restart Manoeuvre

Manpreet Singh, A. Sharma, S. Sharma


Despite the more contribution of personal vehicles and transportation automobiles to environmental change, diminutive work has been done to overcome the arising issue regarding exhaust pollutants and fuel consumption. This paper includes the gasoline motor vehicle idling at red traffic signalized intersections using actual world operation statistics. The experimental work has been carried on gasoline vehicles under idling and start/restart manoeuvres on urban plain road conditions. The instantaneous exhaust pollutants such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen oxides were evaluated using exhaust gas analyzer and fuel consumption was measured by precise instrument named as fuel flow meter in the Maruti-Suzuki authorized workshop. The results reveal that Maruti Alto vehicle and Maruti Swift vehicle engine should be turned off, if idling is to be over 10 and 11 seconds in duration at traffic signalized intersections respectively. Furthermore, during idling condition, the instantaneous pollutants are almost constant and hydrocarbons are decreased as idling time increased. Nitrogen oxides are function of high combustion temperature formed in an engine.


Exhaust pollutant; European driving cycle; Fuel consumption; Idling; Start/Restart; Traffic signalized intersection

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