NDT Training


Non Destructive Testing in Composites

From 4.00 pm until 5.30 pm

At Online Webinar

MAFTREE / sales@maftree.org

MAFTREE is a ISO 9001:2015 accredited MSME recognised company established in 2009 and has been very successful in pioneering the advanced composites research, development and skills training for aerospace, automotive, railway, wind turbine and ship building industries.

A webinar on Non Destructive Testing (NDT) in composites is offered by MAFTREE. Our trainers are here to explain the basics of NDT and they will be demonstrating slides on Ultrasonic Testing. This training is conducted for 1:30 hours covering the topics like basic principles, Propagation of sound, Sound generation, Equipment and its Calibration, Testing techniques, Use of NDT in Composites and basic calculations. Non Destructive Testing is a widely used technique in industries to analyse the defects or discontinuities without affecting the geometry of the material.


Places are limited so hurry up to register now. Prior Registration is compulsory for admittance to the event.

There are 8 people coming.

Look who's coming:

  • Geovane
  • Dr.M.L.Pavan Kishore
  • Kunj
  • Karthik pk
  • Abdul Rauf Kuthubuddin
  • Mohsin Khan
  • K. Muqtadar Ali Khan
  • Palanivendhan M

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