Workshop on Composites Design and Manufacturing

A one-day workshop on Composites Design & Manufacturing was conducted by MAFTREE at Marathwada Mitra Mandal’s College of Engineering at Pune on 7th of February, 2020. This workshop was an interactive session with loads of learning and a live demonstration on matched – die closed moulding using glass fabrics and epoxy resins. The workshop contents were developed by subject matter experts in the aerospace industry. Moreover, two experienced trainers from MAFTREE took great care in explaining the following concepts during the session.

  • Basics of composite materials and various forms of supply.
  • Fundamental composite design principles including material selection and strength allowance.
  • Stress analysis of composites for light weight product development and its optimisation.
  • Composites manufacturing principles including material and process qualifications.
  • Finite element analysis of composites using MIDAS NFX software.
  • Open discussions and brainstorming sessions for practical questions relating to composites design, analysis and manufacturing.

Theoretical session was handled by Dhamodharan, project engineer at MAFTREE and the live demonstration was given by Naveen Kumar who works as a senior project engineer at MAFTREE.  This workshop turned out to be valuable for many students and professors from various colleges in and around Pune.

The main objective of conducting this workshop in an engineering hub like pune was to inculcate the knowledge of composites to enable students to do more research in these areas. Composites have a great scope in replacing the conventional metals and alloys in manufacturing process for its low weight and high strength.

MAFTREE feels proud to deliver the knowledge of composites to our developing country which seeks for better options to provide satisfying products for customers. To conduct certified composites workshop in your college or industry with an affordable cost, kindly contact us.

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