AeroSteer Award

Student Projects – AeroSteer Award (SPASA)

A: Proposed Objectives

(i) Provide guidance and supervision of final year projects by UG/PG engineering students in INDIA
through project mentorship and support from our registered pool of industry professionals.
(ii) Provide funding to cover project report printing expenses and a conference participation by the
benefited students in INDIA to enhance their knowledge and skills.
(iii) Training and mentoring often provided by experts in the field of mechanical, aerospace, automotive,
and its branches of engineering.

B: Plan

(i) Establish a project mentors panel comprising of experts who has desire to provide one-to-one
mentoring and guidance by explaining technical work to the students.
(ii) Identify the faculty/students in INDIA who require projects leading to UG project reports.
(iii) Guide, mentor, and educate the students to develop their knowledge in the application of theory into

C: Achievable Impact of Charitable Nature

(i) Providing training and mentoring of UG/PG engineering students in INDIA towards their final year
projects at free of cost.
(ii) Development of skills and knowledge of UG/PG students in INDIA by participating in fully funded
(iii) Educate students in the development of their skills and knowledge to apply their learned theory in to
practice and complex engineering problem solving.

D: Example projects

(i) Tagore Engineering College, Chennai.

  • Bolted Joining and Repair of Composite Stiffeners
  • Rapid Idealisation of Composite Materials for Finite Element Analysis
  • Design and Analysis of Composite Fuselage for Un-Manned Aircraft Systems

(ii) INSEEC France – Reengineering of Logistics Flow using Virtual Supply Chain and System Dynamics Models.

(iii) EENI Reingex Spain – Role of E-Commerce Tools in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management for Automobile Trade.


From time to time, our list of potential project topics and associated tasking documents are published under News/Events page or this page, so please visit again. Alternatively, if you require support in any of the thrust areas of MAFTREE, please feel free to contact us. We are always interested in projects supporting elderly and disabled where light weight technologies can be of huge benefit. Other thrust areas include renewable energy (rotary system based) and finite element simulations of complex engineering problems including occupant safety, fireworthiness and optimisation.