CFD(Computational Fluid Dynamics)


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MAFTREE is an ISO 9001:2015 accredited MSME recognized company established in 2009 and has been very successful in pioneering the advanced composites research, development, and skills training for aerospace, automotive, railway, wind turbine, and shipbuilding industries.

Course Curriculum
• Introduction to CFD
• Importance of fluid flow
• Selection of CFD domain
• guidelines for meshing
• CFD solver setting
• laminar and turbulent flows
• Heat transfer

Computational part
• Basics theory and industrial applications
• CFD tutorial (Geometry, meshing and simulation)
• Assignments

Overview and applications of CFD Modeling
• Method of Study and investigation
• Theoretical Approach
• Experimental Approach
• Modeling and Simulation and CFD
• Comparison between CFD and Experimental approach
• Application of CFD and Fluid Flows
• Case studies for CFD Modeling

Basics of CFD Modeling
• Modeling and Simulation
• Classification of CFD Problems based on type of physics
• Governing Equations
• Numerical Simulation: Geometry, Meshing and Simulation
• Element of Mesh, structured and unstructured meshes, quality of meshing
• Discretization Methods: FVM/FDM/FEM
  Heat Transfer and its CFD modeling
• Forced Convective Heat Transfer: RANS equations for mass, momentum and energy,
  Computation of heat transfer coefficients and convective heat transfer rate, Case studies for
  CFD modeling of forced convection
• Modeling of Natural Convection: governing equations for turbulent natural convection,
  Computation of heat transfer coefficients and convective heat transfer rate, Case studies
• CFD Modeling of Thermal Boundary Layer
• Mixed Convection

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