Engineering Pathways

MechAero Engineering Pathway Training Scholarships-MAEPS is a year long training grant offered to 2-3 second and third year engineering students which imparts the recipient a great exposure to the latest industry standards and offers tremendous opportunities to learn & implement their organisational and leadership ambitions. As part of the scheme MAFTREE pays a monthly training grant of Rs. 2000 p.m for their active involvement and contributions of 15-20 hrs/week by experiencing our key initiatives along with  benefits of participating in our promotional meetings and conference events.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be considered for the MechAero Engineering Pathway Training Scholarships applicant should be an Indian student and currently in his/her pre-final year of a course leading to a Diploma or Under Graduate/ Post Graduate degree in mechanical and its related engineering disciplines.

How to apply?

  1. Personal statement detailing applicant’s career aspirations and justify how well this scholarship will be utilised up on its award.
  2. Reference from the applicant’s current academic institution and a person of good standing (other than applicant’s family members and relatives) whom the applicant knows for the past three years. Both referees should provide a brief (less than 200 words) statement about the applicant’s potentials and aspirations on a separate letter(s) ensuring that all the contact details are mentioned in the reference letter.
  3. The following evidences are required:
    1. Bonafide certificate from the HOD of current academic institution (This is not required if Referee 1 is HOD and his recommendation clearly specifies Applicant’s current year of study).
    2. Proof of residence either an Aadhaar card or Family Card (Ration Card).
  4. We prefer to accept the CVs and supporting documents in PDF format by email (OFFICE@MAFTREE.ORG).

As our preferred correspondence will be via email, please quote the email addresses of the applicant and the two referees clearly when contacting our office.

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