Researchers’ and Innovators’ Capability Enrichment (RICE) is a 12 month distance learning programme with two weeks of face to face contact sessions. The two face to face sessions include presentations by experts, role play, interactive workshops and much more to complement the theoretical knowledge gained throughout the programme. At the end of core curriculum, candidates are assessed through computer based multiple choice questions test(s) and paper based case studies. Upon successful completion of 12 months course, candidates will receive a Certificate of Participation and Course Completion and awarded with a recognised title of Certified Research & Innovations Professional (CRIP). After 3 years of obtaining CRIP, participants can re-apply for Certified Research & Innovations Leader (CRIL). At this juncture, candidates performance will be assessed by experts committee through desktop survey, references and scrutiny from the list of inventions, patents and journal publications.
Core subjects:
a. Creativity and invention

  • Creative thinking
  • Lateral ideas and out-of-box problem solving
  • Invention – Indigenous vs. Enhancement

b. Research methods and metrics
c. Grants and funding
d. Project management
e. Innovation and technology
f. Managing and developing researchers
g. Research & innovation KPIs and continuous improvement
h. Technical publication

  • English – do’s and don’ts
  • Literature and plagiarism
  • Structure and contents
  • Best practice and making impact

i. Communications & interpersonal skills
j. Influencing and networking
k. Intellectual property rights

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