MAFTREE has a long standing partnership agreement with MIDAS IT Korea to promote their most affordable yet fast & accurate computer aided engineering CAE, Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD software called MIDAS NFX and MIDAS MeshFree for Indian clientele. MeshFree is the revolution in the simulation industry and was just lunched in 2018.


MAFTREE has served a number of academic universities in offering practical FEA & CFD training through MIDAS NFX educational and research versions licensing. We have also executed a number of user cases to demonstrate the high end capabilities of MIDAS NFX & MeshFree for potential industrial and government research centres. We continue to pioneer the application of Python and Visual Basic for Applications to develop automated scripts for composite specific analysis and optimisation.

More recently we have started working with VSSC’s bespoke FEAST software and pursuing proposals to support its development in the composites specific applications including high end crack propagation and damage mechanics models. 

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