Tech. for Aged & Disabled

Assistive technology (AT) is defined as ‘any device or system that allows an individual to perform a task that they would otherwise be unable to do, or increases the ease and safety with which the task can be performed’. Its importance in contributing to older and disabled people’s independence and autonomy is increasingly recognised. Mobility solutions for the elderly and dis-abled is an area our engineers can make a difference with the use of light weight composite solutions as well as energy efficient electric mobility vehicles. At present, MAFTREE in collaboration with a recognised Engineering College at Pune are working on a concept demonstrator for a light weight foldable mobility vehicle called Zymloco using composite materials and innovative compact folding mechanisms such that the vehicle can be ported under 23 kg airline baggage allowance.

MAFTREE engineers are also very passionate about design and development of light weight medical devices starting from Blind Walking Cane Stick (all composites) to high end medical prosthesis.

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